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Jewelry Supplies for Retailers

Let yourself be enchanted by carefully selected Gold Jewelry and a wide assortment of Silver Jewelry. Additionally, we offer you our own collection of Fashion Jewelry as well as high quality Gold-plated Jewelry and to all items suitable Decorative Packaging.

Glass and Giftware retailers can find here interesting Decoration and Glass Items with high quality, gold or silver plating.

GALLAY Jewelry and Services

Additional Services

Besides our wide range of jewelry, glass and giftware we offer you your own consumer jewelery shop, our CSV-Data Service with ready made CSV files for many sales platforms on the Internet, product reservations, our 'eBay-Service' for experienced eBay sellers, Dropshipping (direct shipping to your customers) and much more.

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Since 1990 we have reliably been supplying watch and jewelery retailers in many countries, but mainly in Germany and the EU. read more

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Please see our latest additions in October 2023.

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New: Telegram channel for news & info established

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Server exchange Nov. 09, from 13 CET!

Our e-shop - GALLAY Jewellery & Services - is moving

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What means Dropshipping (DS) and what benefits does it offer?

Originating from the US, the idea of Dropshipping means in a nutshell, direct shipping through the wholesaler. Through our comfortable Data Service you as a retailer can sell our goods without having to buy them in advance. We deliver your sold items then immediately, neutral and directly to your customers.

This way you as a retailer are able to offer single or thousands of products, without the need to have these products in stock yourself. So bear only a slight financial risk in this sector. The warehousing and the shipping of items you order from us, will be undertaken by us as your supplier for you.

On all our products, you can freely calculate your sales price for offers on the Internet. Yet you only pay us the net wholesale price plus VAT and a low Dropshipping-Fee per shipment.

Read more here about how our Dropshipping service works and what benefits we offer you with it.

Data Service Jewelry Items

CSV-Data Service Jewelry

The jewelry data service gives you the opportunity, to integrate the data of our entire product range including Product images in your shop or on other sales platforms on the Internet.

With the help of ready made, preconfigured CSV files you can import 100, 1000 or even more products into almost every online shop on the Internet in a few minutes. This eliminates the burdensome task of typing elaborate item descriptions, eg in eBay.

Even the creation of product images becomes unnecessary, because you receive all product images from us - either as a link or as a copy of our image files on your own server.

Test our system - you will be surprised by the variety of functions. Open up completely new possibilities for the sale of jewelry - for yourself and your customers! Should you want to offer several product lines, please use


Universal Data Service for Shops, eBay und Amazon

Universal CSV- und XML-Data Servive

Bring your data reliably and quickly into the right format via simple im- / exports!

At can you have your individual CSV-, TXT- or other data files imported, exported, converted or compared with each other.

Data of any kind can be converted to other data formats and data files.

The setting up of cron jobs additionally enables almost complete automation of all processes.

AAs a manufacturer or distributor you can make (on request) your product data available to our other customers (retailers) in order to expand the sale of your products. For example, by offering delivery via Dropshipping.


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